3 Content Writing Myths – Busted!

The content marketing world is overflowing with entertaining, reliable advice and information. That said, the content marketing world is also home to a plethora of with myths and false tips that tend to steer business owners in the wrong direction. Sadly, this often ends up causing them to spend more money, time, and emotional stress. By believing these myths, business owners and marketing professionals can end up in a tricky situation.

Audience Interaction will Begin on Their Own
Now, this myth is not ENTIRELY false. Audience interaction is something that content writers and social media marketers strive for, however, it will only happen automatically if you have already grown a solid online community of readers and customers. Just because you hit publish doesn’t mean that customers and readers will show up and engage with it. You need to create a content distribution plan that includes audience outreach and interaction – you need to do more than just create content, you need to generate interactive content and then interact with your readers and customers yourself.

Your Content is Only Quality if it goes Viral
If you feel believe that this myth is true please, take a minute to read and understand this:  Virality only lasts for a little bit of time, strong content that does well in the rankings and continues to generate authentic user engagement will last an entire lifetime. Going “viral” is awesome for a maybe a week at most, so much so that your sales might even slightly increase as a result.  However, your sales will also decrease when the latest viral video sensation appears and takes over your success.

Content Marketing Means Constantly Writing Blog Posts
In order to achieve your content marketing goals, you do not need just to write blog post after blog post – you need to create and follow through with a solid content marketing plan, which includes, social media, website design, SEO optimization and more. And remember, you are not limited to blog posts – unless of course you are hired by a client to do just that. However, freedom still comes with your own website and content marketing plan.