What Role Do Social Media and Technology Play In Our Children’s Education?

With the ever-growing role of social media in society today, it is no wonder that children today are becoming more, and more familiar with various social media platforms and the technology related to it. Prior to having my daughter, I worked as an educational program coordinator for elementary school children, and I must say, kids are beginning to use social media at younger and younger ages.

Now, this can be a great thing in terms of learning, even something as simple as navigating programs and platforms is a big step. It also helps to make information even more accessible to children as they become older, and more, and more familiar. With technology constantly becoming more, and more advanced students today are learning how to control multiple windows, save pictures, design and develop websites, format powerpoint presentations and type at an earlier age is a great skill that generations before never had.

Technology is also catering more, and more to its younger audience. With brands like LeapFrog creating technology-based educational toys, from readers, and tablets, to animals that read stories alongside your child. As a mom, I have to say that these toys are phenomenal, and worth the money, (not to say at all that a toy reading alongside your child takes the place of a parent doing so – I do not believe that at all) but as far as learning tools, these toys are awesome.
While technology will never take the place of parents attention, or bonding time, it has become a valuable learning tool. With so many changes taking place in the educational system thanks to the evolution and the role of technology in the classroom, it will be interesting to see the role that social media and technology play in our children’s education in the upcoming years.


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