Diversifying Your Content to Reach More Clients


When businesses start thinking about creating content, one of the most common pieces of advice that they are given is to create and take on a buyer’s persona and write everything with that target audience of one non-existent person in mind.

But the problem with writing content to reach one person is that not only does it get boring, but It can become frustrating trying to create new, and engaging content that does not come across as pushy or worse – spammy.

While you still want to focus in on your target audience, being able to provide diversity to your content can help you reach a much broader audience – and help you to avoid becoming board with your writing. Here are three ways to create diverse content, and extend your reach and your audience to more than just your ideal buyer.

  1. Consider Taking on a New Medium

Writing great, and there is no doubt that useful blog content is a fantastic way to attract traffic to your website and demonstrate your expertise. However, if you really want to reach a wider audience, taking on a new medium is a great way to do so. Podcasts and video are perhaps two of the most in demand and most effective mediums when trying to extend your audience reach. By keeping a variety of markets covered you will be able to reach millions of more people and increase your online presence and reputation as an expert in your field.

  1. Write Blogs of Varying Lengths

There is something to be said for long-form informative posts. They are excellent options when writing an educational post that will hopefully inspire and enlighten your audience. However, if all of your posts of the same format and length, they can become easy to pass over and ignore.  Try to remember that are several types of blogs that can be used to attract new readers to your site. This applies to even the most specific blog, where the topics tend to overlap on a regular basis. In situations like this, new formats can garner attention from people who may not necessarily like long-form posts, and help you to expand your reach even further.

  1. Bring in Guest Bloggers

Regardless of what industry you work in, or what topic you write about, bringing in a guest blogger will not only provide you with the insight and knowledge of another person, but it will also help you to potentially grow your audience. Think about it, if you bring in someone who either a) has a blog of their own, or b) is well-known in their industry, odds are they will be able to through some method of social media or even just word of mouth, share your blog. There is another reason that this method can be so favorable as well, and that is that often your guest writer will have a blog of their own and either link yours to it or invite you to be a guest blogger on there.




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